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Mason County

INFORMATION ON OBTAINING VITAL RECORDS Issued by the Office of the MASON COUNTY CLERK PO BOX 77 HAVANA IL  62644-0077 PHONE: 309/543-6661 Office Hours: Monday through Friday Time: 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. DEATH RECORDS  Mason County’s first death records began in 1877 and may be viewed  or obtained by persons having genealogical interest provided the death record has been on file for at least 20 years. MARRIAGE RECORDS  Mason County was founded in 1841 and began  recording marriages in that same year. Until 1883 Mason County’s marriage records contained only date of marriage and bride and groom’s names.  Marriage records are indexed by the groom’s name only until 1953.  Give the following facts when writing for marriage records: 1. Full names of bride and groom. 2. Month, day, and year of marriage. 3. Place of marriage (city or town). 4. Purpose for which copy is needed. 5. Relationship to persons whose record is being requested.  SPECIAL NOTE  Give the following facts when requesting birth or death records: 1. Full name of person whose record is being requested. 2. Sex. 3. Parent’s names, including maiden name of mother. 4. Month, day, and year of birth or death. 5. Place of birth or death (city or town). 6. Purpose for which copy is needed. 7. Relationship to person whose record is being requested.   The State of Illinois did not mandate the recording of marriage, birth, and death records until 1916.   All Marriage, Birth, and Death Certificates must be certified if request requires that the certificate be returned by mail.

Vital Records